My View from Peru
by Aaron Joseph, Senior

While it's difficult to summarize two weeks worth of serving in Peru, I hope in the next few paragraphs I can give you a glimpse into my experience on this medical mission trip.

The purpose of our trip was to host a free clinic for the people of Lucyana, located in the outskirts of Lima. It’s a dirty, dusty town that barely gets rain, plays host to many stray animals and has trash burning in the streets.  Our medical personnel and hard-working students were able to effectively utilize their skills within this community.  Partnering with the Lucyana Iglesia de Cristo, we set up our clinic in the church each day.

With the help of a couple of Peruvian doctors along with our own physician assistants and pharmacists, we were able to diagnose illnesses, prescribe medication, make referrals and provide treatment to 1,489 people in the five and a half days our clinic was open.

More importantly, in the two weeks we were there, five people gave their lives to the Lord in baptism during the gospel meetings! 

From my vantage point, we were doing exactly what Jesus did on this earth, providing healing for the sick and preaching the Gospel. God continued to reveal Himself during this trip -  too many times to count!

Having been a part of numerous mission teams, this Peru team came to be one of my favorites because of my teammates. The people I met on this trip are some of the most incredible people I know. Everyone had their own special purpose - whether it was Jacob, Andrea and Lauren with their supreme pharmacy school knowledge, Marissa and Kaitlyn for their translating or me with my expert magic tricks, everyone was evidently there for a reason. 

Then there was Juan Pablo, our Peruvian pediatrician friend who would breeze through 50 kids a day! Everyone in the clinic would know when he diagnosed someone with diabetes because of his famous phrase he would shout at the top of his lungs every time: “NO COCA-COLA! NO CHEETOS!”. He was always great at turning bad situations around.

Aside from the clinic and church ministry in Lucyana, we were able to see some of the beauty of this amazing country.  During our down time, our team traveled to downtown Lima, Mira Flores and the Indian Market, a couple of local parks and zoos. At the conclusion of the mission trip, some of the team traveled to Cusco and Machu Picchu - the Lost City of the Incans! 

Aside from what we saw, some of the real adventures were in what we ate! I’ll tell you what, the Peruvians do not waste any part of the cow. We got to eat anticucho (cow heart), rachi (third cow stomach), mollejita (cow vocal cords), and cow intestines, along with alpaca and guinea pig. And MOST of it was pretty good! They were nice breaks from the chicken, rice, and potatoes we ate for every single other meal.

The memories, friends, and experiences I made on this trip will stick with me for the rest of my life. I want to take this time to thank those of you who are directly involved in supporting Lipscomb Missions currently or in the past.  

Donors like you helped make this trip and every other mission trip like this possible. These trips are amazing opportunities for the people involved, both on the receiving end and for those who go. Like I said before, there are too many stories I can share with you all, but rest assured, it was a cow heart-eating, horseback-riding, puppet-show-performing, moto taxi-riding, artsy jumping picture-taking, patient-treating and Jesus-sharing good time! Thanks for reading and for your support. Adios amigos!

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