Career Information

The Master's and Ph.D. in psychology

Misc. info on Psychology-related careers:

Brochure from the APA on psychology careers 
Article: "The Career Path Less Traveled"
Article: Future psychologists embrace novel careers  
Article: Is a Career in Academia, Research, or Practice Right for You?
Info on Careers from the APA 
Careers in Psychology Page (developed by Margaret Lloyd from Georgia Southern University)
Online Psychology Career Center
U. S. Dept of Labor Occupational Outlook Handbook (you will need to do a search for specific psychology-related careers)

Info about specific careers and specializations 

Clinical/Counseling Psychology
Occupational Outlook Handbook section on Psychologists
Info about Licensure as a Psychologist in Tennessee
American Academy of Clinical Psychology 
What's the difference between a Clinical Psychologist and a Counseling Psychologist?
Article: Counseling vs. Clinical Programs
Article: Appreciating the PsyD: The Facts
Article: Clinical Versus Counseling Psychology: What's the Diff?

Forensic Psychology
Swenson's forensic psychology page
American Board of Forensic Psychology

Industrial / Organizational Psychology
Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Article: More students blend business and psychology 

Researchers generally have a specialization in psychology, such as social psychology, developmental, etc. For general info on research careers, see below. For info on specific areas that a psychologist might study, click here .
APA Science Directorate
Association for Psychological Science

School Psychology
National Association of School Psychologists career center

National Institute on the Teaching of Psychology (NITOP)
Society for the Teaching of Psychology
APA Committee of Psychology Teachers at Community Colleges (PT@CC)
Teachers of Psychology in Secondary Schools