ACM Officers Group


ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) is the School of Computing and Informatics’ students association for Computer Science majors and minors. The association serves as a gateway for students to connect to non-academic and professional computing areas.  ACM is a student-led organization that intends to explore the computing world in a fun and interactive way.  The association through its regular meetings aims to accomplish the following objectives:

·       Contribute to society and human well-being

·       Explore and understand tomorrow’s computing challenges

·       Develop professionalism in the computing activities


2012-2013 ACM Officers:

Aimee Laansma

President: Aimee Laansma

Phetsuvanh Talatham

Vice-President: Phetsuvanh(Kevin) Talatham

Alexander Swims

Treasurer: Alexander(Brock) Swims

Joshua Asres

Secretary / Communication: Joshua Asres